Misplaced Allegiance

Misplaced Allegiance

I’m always surprised by the difficulty in successfully communicating with our clients. Even with a multitude of platforms for disseminating information (mail, email and telephone), most contact efforts go unanswered.

Insurance products and procedures are ever-changing. It may not seem right, but insurance carriers generally make better coverage and rates available to new applicants as a way to bring new customers on board.

If you swear by the service relationship in place with your current agent because he doesn’t “bother” you with periodic contact, I would suggest that he might not have your best interests in mind.

An agent must be patient and persistent in offering information. A successful relationship is forged over many contacts occurring over the course of the customer’s tenure.

At The Barndt Agency, building relationships with our customers and helping to ensure you have the best coverage to fit your needs is our focus. Learn more about how we can help you!