Inconvenience vs. Tragedy

Insurance Inconvenience vs. Tragedy

Many consumers will focus on the bottom line rather than the importance of the coverage contained in the policy. When exploring alternatives for reducing your premium burden, always examine the route that represents an inconvenience rather than the option that can never be overcome.

For example, low deductibles on your auto policy may seem like a great idea (“No way do I want to pay $500 to have my car repaired!”) when your car is in the shop following a loss. Low deductibles should never be your spending extravagance at the expense of reducing or eliminating valuable coverage elements such as Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists protection.

A $500 out-of-pocket expense (which might be reimbursed if fault lies with the other party) pales in comparison to hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential benefits lost when not maximizing UM and UIM limits.

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