PA Home Seller Tips

First Time Home Sellers Tips

First Time Home Sellers Tips

When you’re selling something as valuable and expensive as real estate, you certainly want to get things right. Selling a home can be a pretty tall order, especially for those who’ve never sold real estate before. But with the right approach and the appropriate team members in place, there’s no reason why being first time home sellers can’t be successful.

To ensure a streamlined process, consider following these first time home sellers tips.

Hire a Seasoned Real PA Estate Professional

First time home sellersGiven how important selling a home is, this is definitely not the time to do it alone. Taking a DIY approach to sell property can leave you vulnerable to litigation and can even leave a lot of money on the table.

Some sellers might want to save some money on real estate commissions and go the FSBO route. But this avenue typically ends up costing sellers, who end up hiring a real estate agent anyway.

Real estate transactions are filled with all sorts of complexities that the average home seller is unable to navigate. Instead, professional real estate agents at The Barndt Agency have the experience and skills needed to help you negotiate a deal you can be happy with.

Price Your Home Right in Montgomery County, PA

First time home sellers want to get the most money for their homes as possible. Who wouldn’t, after all? But the way to do that is not by overpricing your home. In fact, perhaps the most important factor when it comes to successfully listing and selling a home is pricing it appropriately according to current market conditions.

If you overprice your home, you’ll scare off a pool of prospective buyers who may otherwise have been interested in your home and financially qualified to purchase it. Pricing appropriately, on the other hand, will put you in a better position to sell within a reasonable amount of time and at a price point that you and your home deserve.

Declutter and Depersonalize Your Home

You want to make sure that your home sets a great impression on buyers, and a great way to do that is to get rid of any clutter that could turn buyers off. Nobody wants to walk into a home and be met with clutter that should otherwise be put away or trashed altogether. As such, decluttering is an important step to take before the first buyer steps through the front door.

At the same time, your home should be as neutral as possible. You want to be able to sell a lifestyle for buyers and help them develop an emotional connection to it.

But if your home is still filled with family portraits, political artifacts, and religious items, it can be hard for buyers to potentially see themselves living in your home and calling it their own. Be sure to take these personal items down in preparation for your first visitor.

Stage Your Home to Sell Fast

Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, staging your home is a great way to increase the odds of selling quickly and for top dollar. Staging is not about decorating to your liking, but rather it’s about appealing to buyers looking in your area.

Find out what buyers in the neighborhood are looking for and give it to them. This is what home staging is all about. The furniture choices and placements, decor, and even curb appeal all play a key role in home staging. And if you get it right, you can realistically sell your home faster and for more money than similar homes in the area can if they haven’t been staged.

Emotionally Detach Yourself

It’s common for first time home sellers to be emotionally vested in their home sale, and understandably so. But it’s important not to allow your emotional attachment to your home interfere with making sound decisions, especially when it comes time to negotiate. Do your best to detach yourself from the transaction in order to make better decisions that will allow you to walk away with a better deal.

Final Thoughts on Selling Your Home For The First Time

First time home sellers definitely have a crucial task on their hands when it comes to listing and selling their homes. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for the process by learning what needs to be done and to hire the appropriate real estate professional to ensure a successful transaction.