Steps To Selling Your Home

10 Steps to Selling your Home with The Barndt Agency

Selling your Home with The Barndt Agency

Whether you are looking to sell your first home or your third home you want the right agency in your corner. The Barndt Agency team offers three generations of experience in both buying and selling homes in the Philadelphia suburbs. Using their knowledge the Barndt team put together 10 steps to selling your home.

This real estate team’s backyard is the Perkiomen Valley and surrounding areas. Well networked real estate agents with the knowledge of what it takes to get a property sold.

Below we have outlined 10 steps for selling your home with The Barndt Agency Team.

10 Steps to Selling your Home with The Barndt Agency

    1. Locate a Real Estate Agent in your area that is very familiar with the market in your area.
    2. Home Tour. Invite the agent to come take a look at your home to begin the process of preparing to sell your home.
    3. Market Analysis & Reveal. Once the agent has all the information on your home they will prepare a Market Analysis to establish a recommended listing price for your home. Likely the agent will want to meet with you again to present their analysis, answer questions and to discuss the next steps.
    4. List Price. Once a listing price is agreed upon you will enter into a Listing Contract which is a legal document that includes all the terms.  These terms are the price, length of the contract, marketing of the property etc.
    5. FOR SALE. Now your home will be ‘on the market’ for prospective buyers to view.
    6. Agreement of Sale. A buyer that wants to purchase your property will submit (through your agent) an Agreement of Sale with the terms of their offer to purchase your home.
    7. Review & Negotiation. You will review this Agreement with your agent.  If it is acceptable to you, you would sign the contract.  If not, you would change terms in the Agreement that are not acceptable to you (counter-offer) and it would be then sent back to the Buyer’s Agent for the buyers review.
    8. Under Contract. Once all parties agree to the terms of the Agreement the property is then listed “Under Contract”.
    9. Inspections. The Agreement may include inspections on the property that are the responsibility of the buyer.  
    10. Settlement. Once all inspections are completed and have been negotiated it is time to schedule settlement.

Once both parties sign on the dotted line, you have SOLD your home. Congratulations!

We know selling a home is not always this cut and dry which is why we are here for you every step of the way. Let our experienced realtors position your home competitively. Don’t forget during the contracts and negotiation, there is no substitute for experience.

Contact our office to discuss your property and the prospect of having it listed with The Barndt Agency team.